This style guide aims to introduce you to the TrueCommerce Foundry user experience (UX) standards and methodology. The designs within are used to provide common and familiar usage across the Platform and related applications. The goal is to help product and development teams develop an understanding of the key components and layouts so they can implement designs to TrueCommerce best practices.

The TrueCommerce UX centers on the following key points

  • Modern and intuitive
  • Responsive across devices and browsers (PC, tablet, phone, etc.)
  • Touch friendly
  • Natural transition across applications

The designs and paradigms outlined in this guide are to be followed closely. Oftentimes it may be difficult to reimagine an experience from pre-existing use case, but exceptions to design standards should not be made without consulting the corporate UX design team.

Within the style guide, you will find the following

  • Basics such as colors, icons, logos, and typography
  • Common design themes such as maintenance pages, workcenters, and wizards
  • Common controls such as tabs, action bars, and buttons
  • Unique styles used for less common use cases
  • Archive of historical UX projects
  • Points of contact for projects and products

TrueCommerce is a leader in our market, and we want our image to reflect our mission and our core beliefs. Presenting a consistent visual appearance to the world is one way to ensure we always communicate the correct message.

This guide is intended to assist you in that goal. We have tried to keep it short and easy to follow. The rules are few, but they are important. Please contact Josh Wayne if you encounter a situation where it is not clear how these guidelines should be applied.

As new needs and trends arise, this guide will continue to evolve. Be sure to check back often.